Things to STOP doing…

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Gentle Reminder Parents

“I am thankful for all those that said “No” to me.  It’s because of them I am doing it myself.”  Albert Einstein

Remember to give your kids the gift of “doing” it themselves…
It’s in the “doing” that they learn, become independent, gain wisdom, and build their self-confidence.
STOP doing everything for them, STOP fixing all their mistakes, STOP forgetting where you end, and they begin.

It’s their journey to travel and we parents have been given the gift to travel along side them, to PREPARE them, not do it ALL for them.

Let’s raise children to understand that they have everything inside them for their journey.

Then remind them daily that…
We believe in them, are praying for them, encouraging them, cheering them on, and love them BIG, every step they take~

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