Family Coaching

What is Family Coaching?     

Family coaching is a partnership between a family and a life coach to help evaluate and assess what is working, and what is not working under the roof of the home.

In today’s time-pressed, technology-crazy and overly scheduled world it can be challenging to find time to slow down and have meaningful moments with those we care about most. This takes effort, requires focus and a commitment to be present in the moments we are living. It also takes effort and focus to create the home life that we desire.

If we are to be engaged, proactive and productive as a family, then it starts with an understanding of how to disengage from the things that distract us. The greatest needs of each family member (especially the children) are to feel Loved, Safe and Heard.

*Research by Steinberg et al., (1991,1992) demonstrates that throughout adolescence three specific components of parenting contribute to healthy psychological development and school success: parental acceptance or warmth (feeling loved), behavioral supervision and strictness (feeling safe and protected even from themselves and outside pressures), and psychological autonomy granting or democracy (feeling heard and valued).

With today’s pressure to “Get it Right” it’s no wonder that parents and kids feel overwhelmed. Families are facing challenges today that did not exist before: Increased population, financial pressures, media and Internet exposure, constant contact with cell phones and texting (which has increased influence outside the home at a much earlier age), drugs and alcohol available at a much younger age.

Parenting can become especially challenging to any of us in a particular season in our families life, leaving us feeling unsure, stuck, and discouraged. Investing in coaching will make a positive difference in your perspective, your practices and your priorities.

Why Family Coaching:

Family coaching reinforces basic concepts and skills until they are learned and have created a strong foundation for the family to stand on. Coaching gives parents and teens a safe third party sounding board support system that holds all members accountable.  I will challenge you to slow down and make choices that are in your families best interest and well-being.  Through Family Coaching you can create and sustain a highly effective and happy family team!

“Home is the soil in which we are planted…We must see our homes worth fighting for, worth improving, worthy pulling up to a new standard of hope and goodness.”
Bill Carmichael, from 7 Habits of a Healthy Home

Providing safe soil for healthy homes to grow start with some basic questions:

  • Am I safe?
  • Who am I?
  • What are the rules?
  • Is life good?
  • Am I loved?
  • Where do I belong?
  • Why am I here?

A healthy home is a place of refuge, a place of formation, a place of boundaries, a place of celebration, a place of connection, a place with a legacy and a place with purpose.  In our busy lives these things can get stepped over, lost, or even forgotten.

Home is not a street address or zip code;
it is people who care, love and accept us for who we are.

Family Coaching Will Help You:

  • Identify challenges and stumbling blocks within the family
  • Resolve differences and conflict / Create effective healthy communication
  • Eliminate obstacles, set specific goals and create an effective action plan
  • Provide accountability, focus and encouragement
  • Home management/Create a healthy loving environment for all
  • Provide a support system for parenting and teens
  • Encourage celebrating life as a family

You are not only making memories, you are the memories.

“Family Coaching”
Fill out this questionnaire with your family and bring it to our first meeting. It will help lay the groundwork for your coaching and goals.