Wild Things

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My Wild Things…

I always start the day with good intentions, really. I ask God to keep a guard on my mouth and help me be a good mother to my tribe. I try to step into the day with a positive attitude, productive feet and a loving heart. But isn’t it strange how even with the best intentions put on, the mess that lives deep inside can surprise us by rearing it’s ugly needy head.
Somehow the older I get and the more I know, just means that I know what I am doing is wrong, and watch myself do it. “Yes, I am taking things personally! No, I am not using all my words with integrity! Of course I am making assumptions! Definitely not acting my best!”  I hear my Wild Thing side yell at my life coachie self.

Once again, I am reminded and so are my kids, how human I am. We all are. Trying to bring our best into the day, remembering to play well and love others, despite the Wild Things within. But when our mess has been stirred by things like being house bound with sick kids, or making bad grades, worrying about bills, or losing a playoff game, feeling the pains of loneliness like bricks on our chest, cluttered closets or hearts, or maybe we just need rest.
That’s when it happens, the volcano blows, we irrupt splattering our mess on those that are close.
(Cue the, “I’m sorry’s” or the “Help!” beggy prayers.) Then we go to our corners and sit for a while, until one by one we grab the messy mop of love dipped in the deep well waters of grace, and the clean up begins. Wiping each other off gently, smiling because we are still there. For as much as we can stomp and growl, we know how to hug, laugh, kiss, forgive and care. You see the messes that tangle these Wild Things up are in the end what holds us together when we want to eat each other up.

Growl, Grace, Stomp, Love, Snarl, Forgive…Let the Wild Rumpus Begin and Let’s Dance!

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    love this! perfect for me today. love you and miss you, heather

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