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Every year I ask my clients to pick ONE WORD that they want to define their New Year. In the past I have chosen Intentional, Health, and Leap. All words that were carried with me throughout the past years to hold me accountable. It really does work if the word can represent all areas of your life. This year, as I am heading towards 50, and after prayerful moments between the crazy Christmas time and ringing in the New Year, I decided on THRIVE.

THRIVE:  1. to grow vigorously : flourish   2. to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances.

Yes, I like that word. I need to thrive. Some say, “Bloom where you are planted.” The point is that no matter where I am planted, where I wake up, what I am doing, single or not, I have a choice to thrive or not. Wow, what great power that I seem to forget I have been given or so easily give away, the power to choose! So, where does this girl use her ONE WORD power for good? Her power to thrive in 2013?

Well, let’s start with physical. How can I thrive if I don’t move this body, eat right and take care of it? But can I just say that the Girl Scouts are EVIL…Cookies in January? When we are all trying so hard to behave? Seriously, I want to see the head scout and ask her what’s this all about! So, making good choices that are in the best interest of me. Exercise, food choice, rest and self-care!

Next, what about thriving spiritually. Taking un-distracted time to hear what, where, and how God wants to use me, prune me, mold me, love me, send me. Trusting in his sustaining love and protection with or without a man, to trust He has a plan. His will. Nothing more, nothing less. To see myself the way he does, loved and wonderfully made in all my mess! To remember that He loves my children even more that I do, (tough for me to swallow)  then giving them to him daily in trust and surrender.  I better work on my listening skills if I am to thrive!

To thrive in my business. To believe in myself, my gifts, and ask for what I am worth. Work smart, not busy. Go out on limbs and trust that when I was listening, God directed my path and is leading the way with wisdom, favor and his presence always. To be bold, brave, dream and hope through my actions and words, even when I feel like a big fat chicken..balk, balk!

Lastly, to thrive in my relationships with those I love and hold dear. To ask for what I need, and be present when I can. To linger, listen, love and to laugh. Putting technology down and placing priority on the things that will last. Enjoying our best gifts, our family, friends and the community we live in, instead of letting fear, fussiness, anger or what has shifted and changed, steal the joy that is given. Each relationship take a certain about of time, attention and care in order to thrive, may I know what is needed, then be willing give or receive it.

Next to my bed I have my word THRIVE, so as I tuck myself in I can ask each day,
“God, Where did I Thrive? If not, why?”.
Was it self doubt, fear, laziness, or busyness? This is where lessons are learned, how I will grow tomorrow, to make sure I bloom and eventually… THRIVE.


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