Who are you?

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Today a visiting preacher came to church to speak and I was tempted to stay home, warm and piddle.
So glad I didn’t.

I knew I loved him when he opened his mouth and said in his deep tone,

“Temptation hovers over us like a flu virus!”

How true is that? He told tales of how we all are tempted to lose our temper, cover things up, cheat when no one is looking, take the easy path, and not live up to be who we are.

He was right, we easily forget and listen to who the world tells us we are or should be. Not smart enough, rich enough, skinny enough, good enough, attractive enough, or loved enough. We are tempted to figure out how to be who we think we need to be to feel content, accepted and loved, while losing sight of who we really are.
But instead of falling into temptation, what if we just got quiet enough to hear God’s voice gently remind us of who we are. This preacher today told the story of Jesus being baptized in the river and how when he came up out of the water God sent the Holy Spirit to him in the form of a dove and said,

“This is my son, My Beloved…”

I think that if you got quiet enough you would hear something similar.
Nothing to prove, but only to live out a story that reflects to whom we belong and who we are.


That’s enough and is all we really need.



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    Thank you Merril for these precious and true thoughts. You are one special lady

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      So are you Erna. Love you.

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