We get wet, we get dry…We get dry, we get wet.

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This past week I was hanging out, drinking coffee with this hip, funny, creative young man. We are friends. Actually he is friends with my big boys, but he somehow tumbled in became one of mine. We enjoy getting together for coffee to share, encourage and inspire each other. He reached out last week but I was busting a breakout to NC and could not meet until this week. When we finally got together and found a great perch to drink our coffee, I asked him, “What’s up?” He explained what the challenges had been the previous week and the messy emotions he didn’t quite understand yet, but said he was better.

Time settled and heals most things.

As we sat there it started to rain, just a light shower… he rode his bike up to meet me.
He said “Oh well, I will get wet, and I will get dry.” We both smiled.
Yes, you will. You are going to live.

At times we have storms blow into our lives and we get wet, maybe even soaked to the point of drowning, but then the sun comes out, we dry off and life goes on. We live.
At other times life feels like we are stranded in a dessert, so dry, shriveled up and lifeless, but then the showers rain down, refreshing us and life goes on. We live.

I am thankful to have friends of all ages that will sit, ponder, love, laugh, reflect, challenge and help me to see that…we ALL will get wet, we ALL will get dry… throughout the many seasons of our lives and the gift is the promise that one follows the other. If you get wet, you will dry and if you are dry the showers are coming.

The key is to find a friend, the perfect perch, a good cup of coffee and you can weather it all.

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    Great metaphor! That sums up a lot perfectly…

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