Good God

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This week my dad had surgery.IMG_4270
I won’t go into the scary details because the outcome was better than we could have ever hoped for. When it was all over we heard lots of, “God is Good!”.  I even said it myself and texted it to my family and friends.

It made me ponder.  Yes, God is good.

But, he’s not just good in the happy events, easy moments, and the “margins are clear” times.
He is also good in the difficult, fearful, painfully lonely, I can’t catch my breath moments too.
Are we brave and faithful enough to believe in his goodness then?

I started thinking, why is it that we tend to give shout outs of God’s goodness only when things are going our way? If I were really honest I would have to admit that the times I have felt his goodness the most is when I have fallen, don’t believe I can get back up, much less live.

But do I say, text or shout out, “God is good!” in these difficult moments?

Still pondering here.

Maybe we should.  Maybe it’s not a shout out but a quiet whisper of appreciation that his goodness is found here too. He doesn’t become unfaithful because someone else has been, or go down when we get sick, or become bad because bad has happened to us.  Nope, nothing changes the goodness or character of God. His goodness meets us in any space, dive or circumstance we find ourselves in to faithfully sustains us with just what we need. If life is thick or thin, messy or clean, sick or well, still single or living the dream, yep last time I checked… He’s still good.

So, today as I say, “God is good!” it is with a deeper understanding and appreciation that God IS GOOD in and through all that life serves us, even when we get something we didn’t order.

The one thing we can count on is, He is a GOOD God… all the time.
And this girl is oh so thankful that her dad is on the mend!


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