At best, it’s a difficult mess…

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A friend and I were doing the “catch up” text yesterday, you know the, “How are you’s?”
When he responded with, “Struggling due to a good friend whose young child has cancer.”
UGH. One of the hardest to swallow and make sense of.
Then he went on to say, “Feeling, life at it’s best, is difficult.”

That stayed with me all day.

Boy, is it difficult. I hear it from clients, friends and ones I hold dear in my heart. We all have wounds whether we offer them up to others, inviting them into our lives or keep them hidden in the depths of our being for no one to see.

None are wound-less.

I believe that one of the keys to living well is the ability to turn your wounds into wisdom. No, it doesn’t happen overnight, but I can tell you from the battlefields of my life, you can. It starts with seeing what is still BEST in the difficult. Look at those around you, that is where God is. In the hands that hold you, hug you, feed you. In the prayers that surround you. It takes giving thanks for what you do have, a home, a car, a job, children, a spouse, freedom, love, food…instead of focusing on what you don’t have or has been taken.

There is always joy in the midst of sorrow, for you wouldn’t know one without the other. Wisdom is allowing the flow of both, allowing God’s grace to carry you, all while keeping your hearts open to the “best” still tucked into your life.

Life is difficult and good, live it well with wisdom given and know you are loved!

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