First things First…

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Hello Monday… Boy did that alarm go off early. RISE

A few thoughts to get us up and going this first day back to real life…
School, jobs, day to day doings.

First blessing of the day, a little cool air to kick it off!
Next, let’s show up. Practice mindfulness as you walk through this day.

Be ready for change, because we were designed for change.
Everything God created changes until it dies, so since we are not dead, we “get to” change.
We “get to” become more of what God intended us to be.
“He makes all things new..” That’s me and you.

What new things need to be created in you for 2016?

Start small, since small change is the key to lasting change.

Share your intentions with a few that love you and will hold you accountable, it’s the difference in committing and trying. Remember people suffer from one or two things… They have no idea what they want so they tumble though or they try to do too much.
Decide daily what is important to you, what matters and has value.

First things first. Then decide to stop reacting to life and start living with intention. Faith forward, leading with love.

Now, BEGIN. Go kiss or hug your kid, dog, spouse, and tell yourself you love you enough to make good wise choices today, and make it a great day!

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