7 Days In…

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Question: 7 days into 2016… How is your ONE WORD working?
IF your One Word has not challenged you, stretched you, made you pause, change a course during the day, or made you stop, think, or laugh out loud… ¬†You might not have the right ONE WORD.
Mine is RISE, and already there have been a couple of circumstances in these past 7 days that were challenging.

Why did I pick that word?!?!
Oh yeah, that’s right, because I can get stuck in my mess, comfortable with the norm, not see beyond the weeds, or maybe feel sorry for poor pitiful me.

You see, Rising is a choice. UGH. sometimes a tough one. But still a choice. It’s a lot easier to whine, cry, and fuss…
BUT my word, my challenge with myself is to, RISE in 2016.

Rise from the daily garbage.
Rise from the excuses, and the “I don’t want to”, or “I can’t”.
Rise from the ashes when things burn down.
Rise from the fears of the “What if’s”.
Rise when things don’t go my way or look impossible.
Rise up from the blame, teenage hormones and noise.
Rise up when I feel like just sitting at the head of the pity- party table!
“Yep, it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…”

Challenging. But it is suppose to be.

SO, if you are like me and have already “felt” your ONE WORD’s new place in your life…YAY!
It’s doing what it is suppose to be doing.
Holding you accountable. Keeping you mindful and aware. Helping you transform and move you forward into 2016 in positive, new and healthy directions. My hope for you is that your word is making you a little uncomfortable….

1933882_10207010042323873_6059522739818349648_nGet use to it, and GROW!

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