HoHoHo… A Caroling We Go!

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You know how when someone asks you to do something and you say, “Yes!” without thinking it through? Well, a neighbor asked me a while back if I would take my guitar over and sing for the residents of the new nursing home she opened. Being the kooky musical family that we are I replied, “Sure!” Well, yesterday was the day we finally were able to get over there. I had given the kids a heads up that morning that we were going to go sing right after Jackson got home from school, I told them it was in our neighborhood and it...

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Davey Jones Locker

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Today one of my very favorite uncles is losing his battle with cancer. My heart is so heavy because I loved him so much as a child. He taught me what “Davey Jones Locker” meant, and threatened to send us all there! We followed him around the mountains of North Carolina like he was the Pied Piper, giggling the whole way. We loved how he made us feel, his laugh and his big sweet smile. My greatest memory of him will forever be, in the prime of my “BUD CRUSH” (and yes you can have a rush on your single uncle when you are...

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Last night at Youth Group a brave young man got up and shared his story. This high schooler is always up at the church helping, hanging out, with a quick smile. But last night he shared how the last two years have not been easy, in fact they were just down right painful. The transition into high school was a tough adjustment, bigger crowds of kids, friends choosing new groups and leaving him without a place to belong was just the beginning of a very difficult couple years. At one of the very lowest points he walked up to a group of kids at...

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birthday altar

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  As my birthday drew near all I could think about was retreating to the mountains of NC for rest and renewal. It was not an easy exodus, with last minute car repairs, children to leave, work to complete and a later than normal escape. Eventually we left, my soul exhaled, and we were on our way. When I got here, I realized that it is in this special place that I come to build little altars, just like Abraham did. He would retreat to the mountains, pitch a tent, build an altar and give thanks. I might not have to pitch a tent, in fact I...

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I have always been a C.S. Lewis fan, but the other day found quote I had not ever seen before. “God doesn’t want something from us. He simply wants us.” He simply wants us. You and me. He wants our attention, no matter what we can or cannot do. Our love, no matter how broken and messy we feel. Our ear, to whisper things in that get lost in an incredibly loud world in which we live in.  He simply want us to come as we are. How refreshing and comforting to be reminded that in a world that is always looking to see what I can...

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Step out, Stumble…and be Surprised.

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This morning in my quiet time I read a quote by Erwin MaManus, “Our fears establish the limits of our life.” Wow isn’t that the truth! I see it everyday with the people I work with and within my own life. If you fear heights, you stay low. If you fear love, you don’t play with others well. If you fear failure, you simply don’t try. If you fear change, you will always be where you are. We stay limited not because we have a fear problem, but because we have a faith problem. I have had many people comment on my...

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Angels Among Us

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So today I had a moment, you know we all have them. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, tired and insecure, UGH! What we don’t see at times are the Angels placed around us in these messy spots. I had a few show up today… Jackson was present in my moment, he grabbed the vacuum and went to work, using words like his life coach mother would use to encourage me, WOW he’s been listening. He even folded the pile of clothes on my bed! Then my beautiful daughter in law, who allowed me to shed a few silly tears, sent her Angel brother...

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A Beautiful Mess

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Parenting is messy at best. We try. We act all big and grown up, but sometimes we just blow it. I know I have. Every parent does. I want to be a good parent, doing and saying all the things that will help my children feel loved, smart, special, safe and adored. I want those wonderful learning moments, when you know you are a part of creating a wonderful human being that you will share with the world someday. I love those nose to nose moments where you share, giggle, sing and dream together. But mixed there are moments that just hurt and ache....

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Hey you, get off of my cloud!

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Hey you, get off of my cloud!

Jackson really struggles with a little boy at school. As he puts it,  he is a bit weird, loud, and messy. Don’t we all have people in our lives like this. You know the ones that we can’t get away from because they are for now part of the journey, or if you are really lucky part of your family. Well, as Jackson was going on about how this person really annoys him I gently reminded him that God put’s people like this in our life at times to help us grow. In fact if you read some scriptures he even goes as far to say HE IS...

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As a mother of 4 boys (Grace too) I understand that I will get to an age where I will not be able to beat my children at stuff. Old age will set in and I will not see as well, think as well, run or throw as well, the list goes on and on. I know that right now there is a chance I might not win at a game of pig or a sprint for the winning touchdown at the family Thanksgiving football game. They are bigger than me, stronger than me and faster than me, much to my competitive chagrin! That is why this weekend was so sweet. I tasted VICTORY that I...

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